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Kentucky Lost Pet Help

Kentucky Lost Pet Help

Right across the Ohio River is Jim Berns, who has been helping search for lost pets using Search Dogs in over 500 cases.

Pet Search and Rescue and K9 Handler Jim Berns is an expert in lost pet cases. He is based at the boarder of Ohio and travels frequently to Kentucky to help in lost pet cases with Scent Dogs.

Call Jim Berns direct if you have a lost pet at: 513-708-0815

Pet Search and Rescue offers assistance via phone and in-person searches in all of Kentucky, including for: Oldham County lost pets, Boone County lost pets, Woodford County lost pets, Fayette County lost pets, Jefferson County lost pets and Kenton County lost pets. We do not provide Private Investigator services in Kentucky. If you contact us about pet theft or other pet cases that are beyond pet services that we provide, we will refer you to a licensed private investigator in Kentucky.


“My mom was literally physically ill when her dog Mac went missing. He was lost on a Wednesday. Then it rained. It took me until Saturday to think of hiring Pet Search and Rescue. They came out on Sunday morning AND FOUND HIM!!!!!!! I can not thank you enough. I just can’t.”

– Kelly, LIVE Walk-up Find with Search Dogs in Kentucky with K9 Handler Jim Berns

Search Events

Ohio-based Pet Detective Jim Berns will help you organize a very effective lost pet search event in Kentucky!

We Cover All of Kentucky Including:

Bluegrass Region – Lexington, Frankfort, Danville, Richmond, Midway

Knobs Region – Near Louisville, Lincoln, Hardin, Nelson, Taylor

Pennyroyal Region – Bowling Green

Jackson Purchase Region

Eastern CoalFields Region – Ashland

Western Coalfields Region – Butler County, Henderson County


Our Lost Pet Services Include

What to expect when contacting us for lost pet help in all parts of Kentucky.


We give free advice on the phone about how to find a lost dog or missing cat.

Search Events

Organizing a Search Event to help find your lost pet. Sometimes it takes a team of people to find a missing animal.

Brainstorming New Ideas

Have you done everything in your search? Need new ideas? We can help! With hundreds of lost pet cases under our belt, we have a fresh perspective to provide lost pet help!

Scent Dogs

Lost Pet Search Dogs are an excellent tool in the search for a lost pet. The Search Dogs on the team that covers Kentucky include Bloodhounds, Foxhounds, and Bluetick Coonhounds.

Ohio Pet Detective

Serving All of Kentucky

Pet Search and Rescue offers assistance via phone and in-person searches in all of Kentucky, including: Jefferson County, Fayette County, Kenton County, Boone County, Warren County, Hardin County, Daviess County, Campbell County, Madison County and Bullitt County. We cover all of Ohio and Kentucky with in-person search options. Call Jim at 513-708-0815 to find out more, receive free advise and a quote.

How to Prepare for Your Lost Pet Search

When you hire Jim Berns and his Search Dogs to come look for your lost pet in Kentucky, here are a few things he suggests you do to prepare for the search:
  • Photo of your Lost Pet: Email him a picture of your lost dog or lost cat. If possible have it be a clear picture of your lost pet that shows the pet from the side.
  • Reward Amount: Email him if you are offering a reward and how much. If you have questions if you should offer a lost pet reward or not, he can offer a suggestion and explain why or why not.
  • Volunteers: Jim works with your volunteers. Start by getting a group of volunteers to help with the search.
  • Search Event Organization: Jim helps you organize a search event for your lost pet. His Search Dogs and your volunteers take your search efforts to the next higher level. Especially effective if you have tried everything to find your lost pet, but with no luck. Communicate to Jim about a time and day that works best for you and your volunteers. He will advise you what supplies to have volunteers arrive with.
  • Scent Article: Have a Scent Article for the Search Dogs, such as bedding or a toy.


“Thank you again for your help on Saturday finding Julie. While we certainly hoped for a more positive outcome, we are much, much calmer knowing where she is. We buried her in the backyard in her favorite place. Sam the Search Dog is our heroine :)”

– Paula S.

Tips for Finding Lost Pets in Kentucky:

  • Talk to your immediate neighbors – don’t just put a flyer in their mailbox. You need to ask them questions and ask for permission to search their property for your lost pet.
  • Don’t stop your search too close. In many parts of Kentucky there is farmland and large rural areas. Pets can get further away. Don’t just look close to home.
  • Get the word out – any way you can! Specifically in Louisville and Lexington we had great luck with lost pet flyers and bigger posters.
  • For lost cats in Kentucky, make sure to leave a way for them to return home on their own. For dogs lost, leave a way for your dog to get back in too – make sure it is safe.
  • Offer a specific dollar amount reward.
  • Check the newspaper’s “Found” section.

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