Additional Lost Pet Resources

Please find below a list of additional resources that can help you with finding your lost pet. – Looking for equipment, gear and supplies to use in the search for a lost pet? Looking for equipment and products to keep your pet safe? We did all the research and use these items regularly. If you use our link, our rescue critters get a small portion of the proceeds from Amazon. – Missing Animal Response is the inspiration from Kat Albrecht. She is the mother of the lost pet awareness movement, and strives to educate and inspire about the lost pet issue. Her website is a portal to find Pet Detectives and resources. – You can find our guides available for purchase along with free articles of information on this website by Rob Smith, a Missing Animal Response Technician. – Resource for animal movement and behavior, in addition to training. – Directions on how to build your own safe cat space outside. Use code “petdetective” (one word) and with your purchase our rescue animals get a donation! Lots of great tips for safe cat care too.

If you have a lost pet, create a Free Lost Pet Flyer and have your pet listed in this directory at no charge.

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