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We have one focus in mind – helping the animals. Through our extensive experience as Search Dog Handlers, we have helped many people in the recovery of their missing pets.

Annalisa Berns

Annalisa Berns

Owner, Search Dog Handler & Licensed Private Investigator (California)

Annalisa Berns, is the owner of Pet Search and Rescue and Pet Search and Rescue Investigations. She dreamed of working with animals from a young age. Annalisa found her life’s work when she read Kat Albrecht’s book, “The Lost Pet Chronicles.” She is passionate about educating people about how to bring their lost pets home.

On a lost pet case Annalisa usually works 2-3 Search Dogs. She also coaches people how to find their lost pets. She is a licensed Private Investigator in California and completed California Association of Licensed Investigator training NLITE. Annalisa helps train Search Dog Handlers to help find lost pets. She was a guest speaker at the Western States Veterinary Association twice and the American Veterinary Medical Association conference. She completed FEMA training with the Emergency Management Institute in Animals in Disaster: Awareness and Preparedness and Animal in Disaster: Community Planning. Recently she attended Police K9 Conference and classes presented by top instructors. She also completed Introduction to Animal Psychology Certificate on Pet Behavior. Direct cell: 310-880-8268


  • Active Search Dogs: Juniper, Rhodie, Hope and Bloodhound Faith
  • Trained Search Dogs: Ellie Mae, Diana, Glory (AHA Hero Dog of the Year, Search and Rescue), Mellie, Zep, Apache, Sky, Pepper & Cowgirl
  • Retired Search Dogs: Rainbow & Lilly
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Jim Berns

Jim Berns

Search Dog Handler

Jim Berns uses his knowledge of  animal behavior and experience on hundreds of cases (and talking to thousands of people) to help train people to find their own pets. He works three dogs, Yogi, Hank and Radar. All of his dogs are rescued. He primarily covers areas in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. However, Jim is willing to travel further to help find lost pets. Jim works hard when searching for a lost pet, and helps to recover many. Jim is proud to be one of Pet Search and Rescue’s Search Dog Handlers. He uses a combination of Search Dogs, coaching and working with volunteers. Jim has an extremely high success rate. Direct cell: 513-708-0815


  • Active Search Dogs: Yogi, Hank & Radar
  • Retired Search Dogs: Samantha, Bo, Hercules, Chloe & Lucius
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Susan Long

Susan Long

Search Dog Handler & Licensed Private Investigator (Florida and California)

Susan Long is tenacious when it comes to finding lost furry family members, and has an extreme attention to detail. She works a team of two dogs that include a husky named Sailor and a dachshund mix named Tracker, who is the perfect size for tight spots. Susan recently added two hounds to her team. Susan primarily covers Florida, but is available on a limited basis to travel across the Southern Region of the United States. Susan worked in law enforcement for over 20 years and worked her first lost pet case in 2008 with Pet Search and Rescue before taking time off to focus on family. She has been a Private Investigator in the State of California for over 10 years, and added a license in the State of Florida. Direct cell: 850-737-1348

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Susan Long's Private Investigator License in the State of Florida


Training, License & Certifications

Extensive training and certified Missing Animal Response Technician with retired policewoman Kat Albrecht and Missing Pet Partnership: Annalisa Berns in 2005, Jim Berns and Susan Long in 2017.

We take lost pets seriously. This isn’t a hobby for our Search Dog Handlers. They have countless hours of training and keep one focus in mind – helping to find lost pets.

Coached and critiqued by Butte County SAR members: Annalisa Berns in 2007.

Advanced Urban Training seminar with expert SAR K9 trainer Marcia Koenig: Annalisa Berns in 2007.

California Licensed Private Investigator, Annalisa Berns.

Florida and California Licensed Private Investigator, Susan Long.

Animal Movement / Tracking Training seminar with published author Jim Lowery: Annalisa Berns in 2006.


Experience & Qualifications

  • Trainer:
    • Annalisa Berns:
      • Hosted training in New York, 2006.
      • Trained 12+ Search Dogs in-depth and coaching their Handlers.
      • Trained 12+ Search Dog Handlers.
      • Trained & Certified Scent Specific Search Dog to find lost pets in Southern CA (retired.)
      • Trained multiple Trailing Search Dogs. Two certified with Missing Pet Partnership (retired.)
  • Search Dog Handlers:
    • Annalisa Berns: 13+ years working lost pet cases with hundreds of finds, live and deceased.
    • Jim Berns: Worked over 505 cases and thousands of consultations, and most pets are back home safe!
    • Susan Long: 20 years in Law Enforcement and over 10 years as a licensed Private Investigator in California. Licensed Private Investigator in Florida.
  • Clients:
    • Annalisa Berns: Hired by Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Petsmart, CBS Studios, and celebrities.
    • Jim Berns: Hired by inventor of the flashlight app and anchor of Channel 19 Fox News.
  • Training:
    • Annalisa Berns:
      • San Bernardino Sheriff’s Search and Rescue “Dia de los Perros” Training Observer, 2019.
      • Police K-9 Conference, Scent Cones and How Scent Works with Dondi Hydrick, 2019.
      • Police K-9 Conference, Training the Remote Detection K-9 with Pat Nolan, 2019.
      • Police K-9 Conference, Obedience to Odor with Ken Licklinder, 2019.
      • Police K-9 Conference, K-9 Narcotics Detection with Ricky Farley, 2019.
      • Police K-9 Conference, Reality Based Detection Training with Rodney Spicer, 2019.
      • Police K-9 Conference, Winning With Your Dog with Mark Hines, 2019.
      • FEMA IS-010.a Animals in Disasters: Awareness & Preparedness, 2017.
      • FEMA IS-011.a Animals in Disasters: Community Planning, 2017.
      • Introduction to Animal Psychology Certificate on Pet Behavior, 2018.
      • Animal Movement / Tracking Training seminar with Jim Lowery, 2006.
      • Coached and critiqued by Butte County SAR members, 2007.
      • Advanced Urban Training with expert SAR trainer M. Koenig, 2007.
      • Missing Animal Response Technician with retired policewoman Kat Albrecht and Missing Pet Partnership, 2005.
      • California Licensed Private Investigator, 2014.
    • Jim Berns: 
      • Missing Animal Response Technician with retired policewoman Kat Albrecht and Missing Pet Partnership, 2017.
    • Susan Long:
      • Missing Animal Response Technician with retired policewoman Kat Albrect and Missing Pet Partnership, 2017.
      • California Licensed Private Investigator.
      • Florida Licensed Private Investigator (#A1900141.)


Memberships & Alliances

National Search Dog Alliance Member, Member Education Board NSDA (2009), Education Program Manager (2019-current), 2007- current.
Missing Pet Partnership Member, www.MissingPetPartnership.com, 2005-2018.
Missing Animal Response Member, www.MissingAnimalResponse.com, 2017-current.

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