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Florida Lost Pet Help

Florida Lost Pet Help

Lost Pet Help & Hope!

K9 Handler Susan Long is an expert in Missing Animal Behavior and helping owners with lost pets in Florida.

Pet Search and Rescue: Southern Division includes the state of Florida in our service area. We offer coaching via email and phone, and in-person for pet services. If you have a lost pet, please call Susan Long direct at: 850-737-1348

We do not provide Private Investigator services in Florida. If you contact us about pet theft or other pet cases that are beyond pet services that we provide, we will refer you to a licensed private investigator in Florida.


“Susan cares about pets and their loving owners – she works hard to reunite lost pets and bring them home safe! I have had the pleasure of working with and training Susan and have known her for over 10 years and she is an asset to lost pets in Florida.”

– A. Berns, Pet Search and Rescue Founder

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Find out about how we can help in your lost pet search in Florida on and off-site.

We Cover All of Florida Including:

1  Miami-Dade County
2 Broward County
3 Palm Beach County
4 Hillsborough County
5 Orange County
6 Pinellas County
7 Duval County
8 Lee County
9 Polk County
10 Brevard County

Florida Lost Pet Help

Don’t Give Up

“When I worked my first lost pet case in 2008 in California, I had a preconceived notion about pets that wander away from home or the pet sitter. After having worked dramatic cases in law enforcement, I was pretty skeptical that it would be possible to really help in a lost pet case by focusing on Missing Animal Behavior. It has been so eye-opening and inspirational working with these lost pet Scent Dogs and helping people in-person. I have seen it myself – there is so much hope in a lost pet case. There are new techniques being developed all the time, in addition to the “original search engine” – a dog’s nose! What I know for sure is that there is hope if you have a lost pet – don’t give up!”


Our Lost Pet Services Include

Here are just a few things you can expect when contacting us for help in your lost pet search in all parts of Florida. We do not offer private investigative services in Florida at this time.


1-on-1 Coaching by expert in Lost Animal Behavior specializing in hard-to-solve cases where everything has been done with no luck. We take you though a proven system,  step-by-step with one goal in mind: Getting your pet back.

Lost Pet Recovery Guides

Lost Dog Recovery Guide or Lost Cat Recovery Guide, Authored by Pet Search And Rescue Founder, Annalisa Berns. The “go-to” encyclopedias with tons of information, insider tips and techniques to find a lost pet.

Brainstorming New Ideas

Have you done everything in your search? Need new ideas? We can help! With hundreds of lost pet cases under our belt, we have a fresh perspective to provide.

Search Dogs

Scent Dogs are an excellent tool in the search for a lost pet. Our Scent Dogs include a Dachshund mix and Husky.

Florida K9 Handler & Lost Animal Behavior Expert

Serving All of Florida

#1 Jacksonville
#2 Miami
#3 Tampa
#4 Orlando
#5 St. Petersburg
#6 Hialeah
#7 Tallahassee
#8 Fort Lauderdale
#9 Port St. Lucie
#10 Cape Coral

Case Example in Florida

Check back for details of cases we work in Florida!


“I am beyond impressed with Susan Long and her tenacity in helping people find their missing pets. She sticks to a search long after others would have given up.”

– A. Berns, Pet Search and Rescue Founder

Tips for Finding Lost Pets in Florida:

  • Get the word out – any way you can! The more people who know about your missing pet, the higher the chances of finding them.
  • Don’t chase missing animals as it may result in injury to you or the pet.
  • Notify every emergency Vet Clinic and Animal Rescue in your area and be willing to expand outward.
  • Never assume your pet is deceased without evidence!

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